Thursday, January 27, 2005

prejudice and pride

Most of the time I forget the whole hullabaloo about being a lawyer and wouldn't mind if the success people remembered me by was the time I brought the really good snickerdoodles to the church social. But there are other times when my big ugly lawyer ego wants to jump out and yank somebody's head off. Like today at the office when I took a call from a legal secretary...

Snotty Legal Secretary: [this is, of course, a totally unbiased account] Well, if Mr. Osborn isn't there I guess I can just tell you ... ::launches into the Woeful Tale of the Missing Proof of Service on the Writ of Attachment::
Me: [intelligently] Uh-huh.
SLS: [in skeptical surprise] You seem to be following me. I--
Me: Well, actually, I am an attorney and I helped to draft that writ.
SLS: [accent on the first "S"] Oh. Yes. Well, I have a law degree as well.
Me: Oh. Yes? Well, I passed the Bar as well. That means I'm an attorney (in case you missed that the first time). And did pretty well on the LSAT, thankyouverymuch! What was your GPA, if I may ask?
Me: Heh. Yeah, that was quite a complicated case.

Oh, the joys of misunderestimation.

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