Thursday, October 05, 2006

my memory deceives me?

This morning I returned from school intending to walk into my room, approach the bookshelf, pull out my red folder with my Oxford stuff in it, and take out two C.S. Lewis essays contained therein.

(It's not that I don't have copies of these essays in other books; I think I bought the whole C.S. Lewis section at Blackwell's while I was there. But these were my particularly special first-time-I-read-these-essays essays that Dr. Ward actually handed to me, and they work for loaning to other people, since they're already copied.)

So, anyway, I and my intent agreed until, tragically, the red folder turned out to be mostly empty, and home only to articles about C.S. Lewis instead of by him.

The last fifteen minutes or so have, accordingly, been occupied by that activity known as "ransacking," which although delightful at the time, becomes most burdenous afterward.

Now it's afterward.

I don't have my Lewis essays. I do have various and sundry other notes from lectures and things I'd forgotten about, including a stack of stuff on Jonathan Edwards from the Boring Man who did some of our WJI convocations last year (that is how I remember the poor man; I couldn't for the life of me have told you what he spoke about, just that it was boring and that he had a kind of grandiose lilting speaking style and looked [and was] very educated and had a sort of East Coastish accent; other than that he is the Boring Man).

I also have a big mess to clean up.

Now I'm starting to wonder if I brought those essays home at all. Emily and Dan, you were there when I packed -- didn't I end up packing them afterall, for nostalgia's sake, if nothing else? ???


Emiliy said...

Oh no, I wish I could remember. Did you stick it in one of your other C.S. Lewis books or maybe a zipped pocket of your suitcase? Is it buried in your bookbag?

Oh, and by the way, Facebook is now open to all people. You don't need to have an institution e-mail to get an account anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% positive that you kept your essay. It's possible that you binned the photocopies, but I have a stronger recall of your keeping those.

I was running on a total of one hour's sleep at that point, and the "tickle tobacco" wasn't helping me either.

That you kept your essay, and cannot now find it, indicates to me that if you did keep those photocopies, you'll find them with the essay.

Is that convoluted enough to be inductive?

mle said...

Convoluted, yes. You haven't been hanging out with your pipe again? I miss Stephen. And Littlejohn.

Anyhow, there's the rub: I found my essay in the red folder, but not the photocopies. It's very mysterious...