Wednesday, November 08, 2006

miscellaneous file

When filing or filling out surveys, I frequently find that my favorite file (or checkbox) is "miscellaneous" or "other." (Actually, like it or not, I usually end up in the "other" category anyway.)

Today in speech class the teacher was lecturing on central and peripheral cues. Central cues are what the speaker is actually saying, while peripheral cues are all the other stuff that goes on (gestures, charisma, what the person is wearing).

At various points throughout the lecture, she encouraged us to examine our own listening styles to determine whether we focused on central or peripheral (a somewhat disturbing exercise, since the handout said that those who listen to central cues are usually "well-educated" and "knowledgeable," while those who focus on peripheral cues usually are not).

My problem was that I got to school thirsty.

Really, horribly, awfully thirsty. And so I was thinking of things to drink. Water first, of course, and then some kind of smoothie. Next I thought about carrot juice (fresh, not the bottled stuff), and then this carrot/orange combination I had one day when I used to be a real lawyer and had a court appearance in LA.

Then, with great joy, I remembered pineapple juice (the doctor had me drink that for my lungs last winter when I had pleurisy, and it's good stuff -- plus that was a dramatic chapter of my life, and it had a happy ending, so it was nice to remember), and then coconut milk by association, and finally pineapple and coconut juice together.

Around this time I started thinking about frozen bananas.

Shortly after that I remembered that there was a lecture going on. Once again the teacher was appealling: "Examine your own listening style. What kind of listener are you? Central or peripheral?"


Good question.

File me under "other."

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