Friday, November 03, 2006

two things

(1) Today I rode on a school bus (a yellow one!) for the first time. Ever. They don't have seatbelts on those things. I really really can't believe this. I've always wondered how parents manage (emotionally) to force their reluctant (or worse) five- and six-year-olds onto the yellow buses. That's one thing. But to stick your kid in a bus without you and without seatbelts?!

(2) I wore the sweater again today. No. 3 and I were sitting in front of the head of the GWC honors program, who leaned forward after about five minutes on the bus to say how much he liked my sweater, and how it reminded him of one he used to have (and still loves tenderly) -- but that his was more "manly, you know?" not like mine, which was just right for a young woman. So, not that I didn't receive enough affirmation yesterday after publicizing my sweater travails on the internet, but this was one from a guy who had no idea.

Granted, he is an academic . . .

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