Tuesday, January 01, 2008


CNN published an article this morning about baby name remorse and parents legally changing their young children's names (which I guess is on the rise?).

I wonder if this happens so much when parents choose a name for its meaning, as opposed to sound or whatever-it-is-exactly-that-makes-people-pick-names.

I'm trying to make a connection between the name-changing thing and postmodernism and a cultural lack of commitment generally, but it's not coming together yet . . .


Anonymous said...

Probably it's partly due to the existential idea that a person's true identity isn't wrapped up in labels or names, but in their being, blah, blah. I totally don't buy this.

Or possibly it's just that people realize after the fact that they've exhibited a complete lack of good taste in naming their children and want a way out.

Anonymous said...

If I named my kid Apple, then I'd want a way out, but I suppose to some that's fairly acceptable name