Thursday, January 17, 2008

ready to go back to school

This has been one of the most productive breaks from school ever.

But I'm ready to go back.

To not be sitting in my room in the middle of the day looking at a to-do list with all the items checked off and deciding to start tweaking obscure Blogger settings on rarely-read blogs.

Since school doesn't start until next week, though . . .

I was just messing with the sitemeter settings on the C&C blog, because I realized that it hasn't been working since I updated the blog to the new Blogger template.

While I was scanning the list of referral sites, I noticed that we've started getting some traffic from Google searches, most notably a search on "hiding being drunk."

For some reason, the hiding being drunk person actually clicked on our search result. I think that's pretty cool.

1 comment:

~J~ said...

They probably thought that ipsa loquitur was translated to mean something about liquor.