Friday, February 29, 2008

not-so-glorious box

Just now I read this Boundless post about hope chests.

It made me laugh to read it, because although I can be counted among those now relatively few who have beautiful cedar-lined hope chests (my dad made mine), the contents of mine have (I hope) very little to do with my future home.

It does have a big afghan in it (OK), along with an ancient word processor to remind me of law school pre-laptops (comes with the user's manual AND an extra ink cartridge!), lots of pictures from the high school era, at least one graduation gown and mortarboard, an assortment of handbell gloves, my little Vans tennis shoes from babyhood (OK), a lightbox (a relic of the craft fad of paper embossing), a big hot pink pencil box filled with craft things, a Belgian lace handkerchief, half a roll of wall paper border, and an assortment of other non-establishing-a-home-y items that I haven't wanted to throw away for one reason or another.

If that's a representation of the way I'll be establishing a home, I guess I can promise my future family warmth (but no sheets), any intangible benefits to be drawn from my education, some musical ability, a family heritage of Vans tennis shoes, a sorry history of crafting hits and misses, and one really pretty handkerchief.

All in all I guess that's not so bad.


Jourdan said...

I don't have one... sounds like I'm missing out. Though I could imagine mine would be filled to the brim with everything that has found it's way out of my room over the years. There are a lot of things I don't need... until I rediscover them. : )

Aura said...

I left mine in New Zealand. But it had dishes, so I guess my family would've looked forward to eating off some purple plates with my Nana's very large teaspoon collection. I guess I'll have to start again on that one.