Friday, February 15, 2008


How come it never feels like a good time to write a report on the history of a province in Spain?

In other news (and since this just doesn't seem like the right time to start this report, which needs to be finished by, uh . . . tonight . . .), I just switched my Gmail spellchecker over to Spanish, so that it would stop underlining every word in e-mails to my classmates, and so that I could have quicker access to the right accent marks.

I guess the spellchecker I ended up with was through Firefox, not Gmail. So right now just about every word in this post is underlined in red.

If I went with the top suggestions of the spellchecker, the top sentence of this post would say
Hoz come ti nevera relsa lite a godo time ato grite a reporta no he historiĆ³ o a provine ni Polaina?
or, according to Babel Fish
Sickle eats you refrigerator relsa lite to godo Time I tie shouts to reports there am no historiĆ³ or to I came nor Leggins?
This could make my writing MUCH more interesting.

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Jourdan said...

Hi Em. Just sayin hi. Really bored right now. Hey I wanna start a dodgeball tournament with college and career... If u or your sisters wanna join it's free (:P). But seriously, we should all talk about it and consider it. Btw, my sitemeter doesn't seem to wanna work for my blog. I've tried multiple methods but it's acting stubborn. Maybe someday you can help? I'd appreciate it. Going back to being bored... nite.