Friday, April 11, 2008

can't . . . write . . . paper

On Wednesday my Second Great Spanish Report (GSR II) is due. The First Great Spanish Report (GSR I), which caused much agony for one weekend, ended up being worthy of elementary school, but also apparently worthy of a good grade, which I guess should give me some kind of hope to cling to for the success of GSR II.

But it doesn't.

The books and articles I have to read stack up like . . . well, like unread books and articles.

And today my mind has been everywhere but my paper. At least I did one smart thing today and decided to get out and wash my car since I wasn't accomplishing anything at the computer (that is, unless adding Facebook friends counts as an accomplishment).

In other news, I don't think I like spring.

I mean, I really really do like spring.

That's the problem. Something in the air, and the long long afternoons, and the sound the crickets make, and having my window open for a long time at night . . . it always makes me wish I were somewhere else or doing something else.

It also makes me want to work on my novel, and craft some kind of epic with love and war and betrayal and forgiveness and sacrifice and maybe a mistaken identity or a spontaneous human combustion.

Maybe what I need to do is re-read War and Peace. Or Bleak House.

Yeah, yeah. !!!

And then work on the Spanish report . . .


Jourdan said...

It is soo very funny you mention the whole novel thing on your blog Em. I had an indescribable craving this week to read novels and watch Jane Austen movies. It was so weird. I walked into Target, picked up a book written by one of my favorite authors, went home, sat down, and just read for HOURS. I felt a kind of desperation to once again read books I truly enjoyed. Then went through the whole series of Jane Austen movies, sat down to write my own novel, and eventually made it to micro. homework. I'm working on reading through all her novels. I love the freedom to just fly through books; unlike textbooks where you have to highlight, take notes, mark up, dog-ear, memorize, or even just forced unwillingly to read the material. Hey but anyway, can you tell I don't have a blog anymore? My tendency to rant on... See ya tomorrow!

mle said...

Your observation about being free to fly through books is funny. My report is on the political consequences of the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella, which is a very interesting story. I keep catching myself enjoying what I am reading, and then realizing that I have no idea where I read what or which information is where. It'll be fun to go back and find the cites for this one... I'm going to start that anytime now...

Jourdan said...

It's enjoyable to read about such love stories in the past as those two. Especially their children... my goodness. One went mad, Catherine became queen, I think the last sister was a princess. Haha, yes you have quite an expanse of lineage to review before you may distinguish the political consequences. Have fun!

Daniel Jackson said...

Wanna go see the Headington shark?

mle said...

LOL. Yes, yes I do! I have been thinking all weekend about that day. I don't think either of us got any work done at all.

Daniel Jackson said...

Hey, speak for yourself.
I wrote 20+ pages that night.
(Or was that the night after...)