Saturday, May 03, 2008

twenty-four hours

Our internet went down yesterday at about 11AM.

Amazingly, despite the tremors, hallucinations and severe headaches, Rebecca and I survived withdrawal symptoms long enough to make it here to UCI this morning, where we have been able to connect once again.

The immediate outcome (internet use at UCI to be able to finish research projects we both have for next week) is good.

The big picture (two desperate internet addicts finally able to relax after an ENTIRE DAY of deprivation) is horribly horribly sad.

In other news, this is a really nice campus. I wonder what kinds of things they offer to non-scientific Ph.D. candidates . . .

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danay said...

We were without internet and home phone for 3 days this week. The loss of phone wasn't so bad, but I really feel your pain over the withdrawal symptoms from the Internet. Funny, I didn't need the Internet at all 10 years ago. I wonder if there's any other invention (before the modern era) that people got so dependent on so quickly?