Sunday, June 15, 2008

old times, new times

This week was a good week.

The tournament went well. Only a couple of people yelled. There were not incidents with overflowing trash cans. The entire thing was indoors (yay for not getting soaked in the rain!). The banquet at the Masonic temple was . . . intensely memorable. Joy and I greatly enjoyed our week of having a real, physical, NCFCA Office (which normally "exists" on our respective laptops in our respective states). And there was (eventually) plenty of ice cream.

But probably the best part was yesterday morning, taking a couple of hours to talk past, present, and future with Chris Tuggle and Jen Grant.

After Jen and Chris saw me off at the airport in Birmingham, I spent most of the rest of the afternoon in the sky wondering how you can have friends you nearly never see, but with whom you can pick up where you left off after a year (or two, in this case).

We talked about old friends, the time Chris made me "special" coffee at a Starbucks in Napa, the beauties of Arabic script, and what we've been doing the last few years. Then for a while we sat and missed Scott (Scott is Chris's brother and paratrooper in Afghanistan). We miss you, Scott.

Here are the four of us before we started getting seriously old and responsible and traveling the world and fighting bad guys and becoming lawyers and getting 9-5 jobs and grown-up things like that.

We must do this again.

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