Monday, July 28, 2008

this is a special song

Here is a special song (It needs banjo accompaniment.):

This is a special song
Because this is a special day --
Next Monday I will not be here;
I will be back home. Hooray!

Oh, I miss my mamma's coffee
And I miss my mamma's bread
(I am trying to speak in English but
Darwish comes out instead).

So my OPI's tomorrow;
They are testing me to see
If I'm intermediate low or mid
(or higher, thinks Gaby).

It will be a big relief when
The OPI is through,
But it's the least among my worries
(It's not even in top two).

We still have two tests in grammar
And our Darwish and our art,
And to memorize the songs --
What most strikes fear into my heart.

Yeah, my helpful roommate Amber
(Who aspires to be a wife)
Had the gall to volunteer me
To sing "Habbaitak bis-Saif."

Well, I'd hoped to make this longer
But I think that I should rest.
It's only nine more hours now
Till I have to take my test.

I will miss the hubz and labne
And the bukhoor and the shai
And my teachers and my classmates.
I will hate to say goodbye.

But I will not miss the laham
And the white rice every day.
No, I'm ready to go home now.
Oh, it won't be long. Hooray!

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