Friday, August 01, 2008

flashback to a dream

Today I am home again.

I feel like my brain has been stretched and won't go back. Is there such a thing as sit-ups for the brain?

After all my things were unpacked (well, except for the Apartment Starter Kit I now have in my trunk), the Flash and I were cleaned up, stories were told, coffee was had, and dinner was made, No. 4 and I went to see Iron Man.

Two thoughts:
1. I do overthink things, and overall I was disturbed by the trip to the movie. What bothers me is that this really didn't have anything to do with the movie, but with a strange dream I had a year and a half ago. It was weird. Maybe I'm over going to the movies (then again, maybe I'll have to make an exception for Dark Knight.).
2. Now that we've seen Pepper Potts be efficient in a pencil skirt and stilletos, just imagine how efficient she would be in jeans and tennis shoes. That would be amazing! Right?

1 comment:

No. 4 said...

We'll definitely have to make an exception.