Saturday, August 23, 2008

just a small skeleton in my closet (not Bill, if anyone was wondering)

Yesterday, as I was in the middle of relishing reminding one of my law school friends of what he called "one of those numerous little-known annoyances of my early history that would fade away even perhaps out of my own mind but for the harassment of a small group of old friends who know about it," Pamela for some reason started recounting weird things I did when I was around Elisa's age.

I don't know how Pamela remembers these things, because she was only a year old when I was Elisa's age, but she remembered a few things that I had [quite happily] forgotten.

One of these things was that for a certain period of time my favorite movie was that gem of the cinema, that unforgettable classic, North. (Elijah Wood was also in Flipper, but I had better taste than to make that my actual favorite. Actually, I think Huckleberry Finn was the longest-running favorite.)

I vaguely remembered this era, but couldn't remember anything really about the movie except a nod to euthanasia (I was a very perceptive 11-year-old) and Bruce Willis dressed up as the Easter bunny.

So today I YouTubed it and found a clip.

All the while, I was smugly reflecting how much I had grown up since those days. How much my taste had improved.

Just then Christina walked in. We watched the clip together.

Me: What a dumb movie.
Her: Yeah, and Elijah Wood was a horrible actor!
Me: [without thinking] Was NOT!

I think I still have a ways to go.
(Do you remember this, Ally?)


No. 3 said...

Flipper is the worst movie EVER (not counting The Prestige).

Mommy said...

Pamela was almost four and a half when you were Elisa's age.

fearnot4110 said...

Never heard of this movie before now. (Maybe that's a good thing?)

Ally said...

Hee hee, yes I do! I made the mistake of telling Elliot about my wee little crush eons ago for Elijah Wood, and now he refuses to consider the name Elijah for a boy if we ever have one. I love the name Elijah! Remember how Rebecca and Sarah use to tease us (and especially you, poor thing)mercilessly about him? Ahh, good memories. I hope my girls have as much innocent fun growing up as we did. And as good of friends too. :-) I love checking in on you Em! Sorry I don't write more. Still trying to figure out this parenting thing!