Monday, August 04, 2008

this just in

In an effort to feed a ravenously hungry bunch of people just now, I pulled a package of turkey dogs out of the refrigerator.

And, just because I'm peculiar that way, I started to read said package of turkey dogs and found this:
For children under 6, cut hot dogs lengthwise and crosswise into small bite-sized pieces. Children should always be seated and supervised while eating.
And now you know.

I was pleased to have taken the time to read the package and find this gem of a choking warning.

Then I kept reading and got to the part that says "mechanically separated turkey," and was not so pleased. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

hot dogs are the number one food item young children choke on is what i've heard. interesting that they have a warning on the package. what does "mechanically separated" mean?

jessi said...

hahaha, I've read that too!
not the mechanically separated part though, eh... I don't want to know.