Sunday, September 28, 2008

mercy by mercy, new mornings I see

I am beginning to think that a day sick in bed is exactly what I needed to reflect on a very full week (now, I'm not so sure what it means for the also very full week up ahead).

A whole lot of things happened this week, and several very good things that have been like weights lifted off my mind and heart.

That said, one of the main things I want to do while contemplating the week is cry. Cry for past mistakes, cry for prayers answered, cry because of God's goodness, cry for the vastness of His forgiveness, cry because of the perfections of His Word, cry for friends going through hard times, cry for friends who are tangled up in lies.

It made me think again about the depth of "good" offered us in Christ. I am so thankful that God's good is a deep, true, nourishing good and not a shallow happily-ever-after ending.

I thought again about something I wrote after John and Bre's wedding (which is happily appropriate today, the day of John and Bre's baby shower):
Tasted and Seen

"Good" in the house of mirth
Clatters like the flimsy token that it is –
Easily spoken,
One more adjective in a giddy uproar.

True goodness is seen through the lens of tears,
The sweetness sweeter for the bitter,
The dawn a triumph over night,
The desire accomplished, a tree of life

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Daniel Jackson said...

What is mirth without hardship?
What is drink without thirst?
How can we call out "friend!" if we have never seen battle together?

This day is for rejoicing,
This table is for the victorious,
and we all drink the health of our great king!