Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my little sister is a chemist

Today I had to go down to UCI to interview someone for my leadership class.

Rebecca actually arranged it all, because she knows important scientists. She gave me a choice between a Nobel laureate or the dean of her department, and I picked one and she got it all squared away.

So I went and met her on campus and saw her friendly chem friends (hi, Marie and Megan [and Ned and Fabio and Niko and Mary, but I don't think they read the blog]!) and -- for the first time -- her lab.

She has a real lab, just like a real chemist! While we were there, she showed me her hood, which is where she tests hair for stuff. And then she showed me her drawer filled with dangerous and/or expensive chemicals. And she has lots of incomprehensible notes with chemical formulas on them.

My sister is a real chemist!

I think, for some reason, this is more mind-boggling to me than if we were in Little Saigon one day and Rebecca broke out in fluent Vietnamese. This chemistry stuff is like a whole different world.

I'm proud of you, Bec.

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