Tuesday, November 25, 2008

peace, love, drugs, and face painting, dude

Today I was on the quad at CSULB, where Arabic eats my Tuesdays (I would be happier if it were more Arabic and less time spent driving, parking, and hiking uphill, but so it is).

On a blanket on the lawn sat a guy painting a girl's face*. Actually, I didn't have any idea looking at them what they were doing, until I walked past the other side of said blanket and read three hand-painted signs (each liberally decorated with neon colored hearts and peace signs):

free hugs!

free face painting!

legalize marijuana.
* [WARNING: This footnote is for grammar geeks only!!!] Isn't that too funny how that sentence could work with "painting" as either a transitive or intransitive verb? The best part is that when I was first trying to figure out what they were doing, I thought that he WAS painting her face, intransitively, on a canvas or something. Then I looked for the canvas or something and, not seeing it, realized that the verb was transitive. I need to write that down and use it the next time I teach high school writing. Boy, I wish I were teaching high school writing now.

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