Wednesday, January 07, 2009

good day

Two things:

1. Today on my way back into the office after lunch, I passed an old man wearing camouflage pajamas. He did not blend in.

2. At about 2:00, I was on the phone with a client who asked if she could pray for me before we hung up. I hardly know this lady, but she prayed for a number of things I really needed today. One of the most encouraging things about it was her not being afraid to say "God is leading me to pray for you before we hang up. Can I pray for you?"


danay said...

Hey, I made camouflage pjs for Ben and Jack this year. I didn't know I was such a trend setter. Did his pjs also have footballs on them? Because that would be really weird.

Oh, and God is good.

mle said...

LOL. Actually, the pants had mooses on them (is that just "moose"?). That's how I knew for sure it was pajamas. The shirt was also camouflage, but no moose (or footballs). Probably if Ben and Jack had been there (in their pjs, in the middle of the day), he would've fit in a lot better.