Sunday, January 11, 2009

two things

1. Today in Sunday School Mike said I should find the history of chess and put it on my blog. Here it is, courtesy of Wikipedia. I've only skimmed it so far, but I don't think it explains where the knight got that L-thing.

This article on the knight's tour is over my head, but it has really interesting animations. Check it out (and then tell me what it says . . .).

2. My extensive world knowledge up to this point has led me to the following conclusions:

If you are a man and want to connect with other men anywhere in the world, love coffee, chess, and soccer.

If you are a woman who wants to connect with women, I'm at a loss. Maybe get yourself a tragic love story?


jessi said...

That was really fascinating! :D
The knight's tour is the knight touching every square once without overlap. wow! crazy mathematics!

Jourdan said...

Yep.. spot on. Though a lot of guys just can't get over themselves when it comes to football. I enjoy watching it but we had a get together the other night and all the guys sat glued to the television... for HOURS. Just talking, straight football. Play-by-play, unfair calls, or the usual "Come on... Go, Go, GO!!!"

Ladies though... yeah you're right. Probably either guy issues or upcoming events. Like some girls I know, really nice but when it comes to a newbie it's like they're expected to say something really witty or completely relative for the original group to even acknowledge them. Kinda sad.

Women are just naturally catty. Really hateful sometimes.

anyways... lol

Anonymous said...

Have a baby! I'm telling you Emily, once you have a baby, a WHOLE new world of conversation suddenly opens its bright doors to you! You'll never be at a loss for conversation with any other woman who has had a child herself. ;)

mle said...

It always makes me laugh to see what draws comments. :) Amber, I think you're right. I should've added "or have a cute baby." That just seems a whole lot more complicated than taking up coffee-drinking or chess.

Jourdan said...

There you have it.. :)