Tuesday, January 13, 2009

thoughts on hell and summer in January

Today I have been struck by two [maybe equally perplexing, but far from equally weighty] questions:

1. What are you supposed to wear to work when it's January and 90 degrees outside? I came into the family room this morning asking this question, only to find the TV on with the local weather forecast and the morning meteorologists apparently as confused as I was (clothes-wise). Not encouraging.

2. Why do people who don't ascribe to any particular religious doctrine, but do believe in a vague concept of heaven, believe that heaven is a desirable place? If universal entrance into a heavenly paradise is one possibility, isn't universal entrance into a flaming hell equally likely?


Jourdan said...

Emily exactly!! When my teacher was negatively referring to heaven, describing it as some fake sort of place where people play harps and sit on large fluffy clouds.. then switching to his "realistic" views of Satan.. it's like dude! What's up?!

Did that make any sense?.. lol

Why refer to Satan and insist on no God?? Wouldn't you think they'd put the same concepts together?

But as I stated.. he spoke of them completely separately

Daniel Jackson said...

"Hell is other people"

Is Satre totally wrong, or has he simply missed the redemption boat?