Sunday, February 01, 2009

week, weak . . . wieke, weeke, weke

A complete paragraph would be overreaching at this point, but I think I can manage complete sentences:

(1) Mr. Wikipedia is just as much an academic disaster as I'd remembered. Maybe worse, even.

(2) Just like last time, I will learn a lot in Mr. Wikipedia's class because you NEVER KNOW what to expect (so you have to prepare for everything).

(3) More UNAMUNO!!!!!

(4) Linguistics, wow. There's actually a whole academic discipline for thinking about words. How wonderful is that?

(5) Sovereign Grace has renamed me and Aura as Emily and Aura Masri. What "Masri" has to do with Younger and Carr, the world may never know.

(6) Have you ever had the dream where your teeth are falling out? (This is an invitation for reader participation. Participate.)

(7) Mondays are now 10AM - 10PM. I'm going to have to add a class if I want to graduate. This is the latest phase of the bureaucratic nightmare that is Trying to Graduate from College in 2009. That's the bad part. There was also a good part. But I forgot what it was.

(8) It’ll fall like rain on your parade, laugh at the plans that you tried to make, it’ll wear you down till your heart just breaks and it’s a good thing. Love is a good thing. (In all honesty, that belongs to Andrew Peterson.)

(9) On Friday, while I should've been at work, I was at church looking through old pictures -- some seriously old pictures, and some medium old pictures. I had two main streams of thought: first, "wow, I really love these people," and, second, "wow, we are all getting OLD."

(10) Pulling weeds can be fun.

(11) We will dance on the streets that are golden. / The glorious bride, and the great Son of Man. / From ev'ry tongue and tribe and nation/ We'll join in the song of the Lamb. (That's not mine either.)

Uh oh . . . I feel a paragraph coming on.

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Anonymous said...

#6--No, but now I probably will. Shudder.

#7--Try "Trying to Graduate from Graduate School In Less Time Than It Took To Earn a Bachelor's Degree". What is supposed to take two years is turning into four. Partly because of work and partly because the longer I'm in school, the less motivated I am to finish. Ridiculous, but true.

Anyway. I should be, um, writing my thesis right now...