Friday, February 06, 2009


It looks like I will be graduating in May after all. With the minor and everything. And then I get to go to the other side of the world and study language exclusively for 9 weeks!

Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!

::sings virtual songs and rings virtual bells while virtually dancing for joy::


jessi said...


Jonathan said...

Wow, where will you be studying? Maybe Shannon and I can come bum some floor space??? :)

mle said...

Sure thing. I'll be in Jordan. You'll just have to work a little bit on de-emphasizing the American tourist persona we all remember so vividly from the encounter with the French police. ;)

Jonathan said...

lol. I should probably stay away from Jordanian police until I can perfect my technique. Boo, I was hopeing you'd be somewhere green. Be careful over there!