Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"sound economy" v. "strong economy"

Yesterday on Hugh Hewitt I heard some interesting clips of Monday's White House press briefing.

Just now I was writing a commemorative post on the President's visit to the OC and wanted to link to the briefing. Funny thing is, I can't get the transcript to pull up off the White House web site.

Does it work for anyone else? The one I want is March 16.

Here's the main page.

Here's the page my computer pulls up if I click on the 3/16 link.

Anybody seeing the transcript?
updated 3/19: seems to be working now

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Jourdan said...

So, talking about the president... I missed Airforce One today at work by about and hour and a half. Turns out while I was looking at their plane, they were looking at our menu...

of course.