Monday, March 09, 2009


Last week was good.

Monday's exam may have gone well (results come back today).

Tuesday's paper was a bit of a mess (my mom had to take an emergency trip to the oral surgeon with No. 3 before she could proofread it), but hopefully Mr. Wikipedia doesn't mind. Tuesday's exam went well (mostly because the phonology teacher likes my mom and uses fuzzy math).

Wednesday's exam went well.

Thursday's presentation went well.

And I got my scholarship packet together and turned in on Friday.

Rebecca and I had a great time at the wedding, watching Jonathan and Shannon get married and seeing law school people (and all the new wives from last summer's wedding season; next time it'll be new babies). Someday soon I actually will go up to Bakersfield to witness the craziness of the Legal Pad plus Win. This time I mean it.

The Flash survived the trip nicely. Unfortunately, he was the instrument of demise for hundreds of insects who only last Friday were buzzing happily in the central valley.

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