Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what to expect

Okay, this is really funny. Maybe what happened is that somebody told the web content people for Queen Alia International Airport that Americans think Arabs aren't very good at filling in the details:

Passenger's Buildings

When you arrive by car or coach to passengers building you will find:
  1. That These building form the shape (H) English letter.
  2. The building No. (1) on your right hand.
  3. The building No. (2) on your left hand.
  4. Building No. (1) and No. (2) are twins.
  5. The road runs between the two buildings.
  6. V.I.P. room entry on the right side of each two buildings.
  7. Control tower located at the Center point of the (U) turn between building (1) and Building (2).
  8. Flight Crew office, and United Licenses office in addition to the Traffic office, under the bridge between the two buildings.
  9. Car parks are spread around and in between these two building, and there are official parking rate published on the entrance of each park.

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