Monday, April 20, 2009

thinking out loud

Today in class somebody said something that had an air of profundity.

She said, "con los hombres machistas, las feas no tienen chanza." ("with chauvinist men, the ugly [women] don't have a chance")

I guess it doesn't translate all the way: "chauvinist" and "machista" don't have exactly the same connotation.

At any rate, this is why I hate classes on the feminists (one reason, anyway). If the teacher's not careful, some loud members of the large feminine majority (Look, we've arrived! We're the majority! Can we stop reading feminists now?) seem overcome with a diabolical urge to turn the class into Dr. Phil.

Thankfully, today all my teachers were careful.

Actually, the Spanish department on the whole seems to deal with this much much better than the HCom department ever did.

Maybe this is because in the Latin world there still are machistas, whereas para los estadounidenses everybody would rather be metrosexual than chauvinistic.

Up here, anyway, we give lots of feas a chance.

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