Sunday, May 17, 2009

evidence is lacking

So I took my camera to Oklahoma.

And it spent a nice 50 or so hours sitting in my suitcase.

I know I smiled for other people's pictures.

Hopefully I see them one day.

In other news, it was good to see everybody again. Brian and Sean have almost talked me into trying out being a DA for a while, if only to accumulate anecdotes for the novel. Paul and Rachael are graduated (with honors! and they're lawyers, to boot. Hurray!!!). I got to wear real academic regalia one last time before walking in the bachelor's gown next Saturday. And this time I really really mean it when I say I am going to Bakersfield. Really. I should go before I leave for Jordan.

Prof. McElvy's charge to the graduates was Christ-centered, timely, and helpful, and reminded me once again how blessed I am to be part of what is happening with OBCL.

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