Tuesday, June 23, 2009

almost two weeks in

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts from the first almost-two weeks:

1. It really is possible to live without daily Internet access.
2. Mark Bigger is a safer driver than ANYBODY in this country. He goes slower, too.
3. The cockroaches took a week to come out, but they are here. They are bigger. And blacker. And they FLY.
4. Jordan does have green parts, and beautiful views where you can see past rows and rows of buildings. We had a wonderful field trip to Ajloun castle on Saturday. Look it up.
5. Arabic grammar is hard but fun.
6. I miss my family.
7. And my church.
8. And Wal-Mart.
9. And my bed.
10. And my vacuum cleaner, whose name I have forgotten. Girls, remind me.
11. I also miss the piano. Any piano. Anywhere.


Jourdan said...

At the plantation in Mississippi this past weekend there were insects that I would bet money no one had ever discovered before my arrival. Then this big black cockroach-looking thing strolled outta nowhere onto the deck and they informed me it wasn't a cockroach but a beetle. a BEETLE! The size of my thumb. Some crazy bugs down there that make you wish you lived in a mosquito net...

No. 5 said...

what vacuum cleaner?