Saturday, October 10, 2009

problems in the execution

Since I got home in August, I've published about half of the blog posts I've started. It's been hard for me to write (which probably only means I should try harder to do it...). But I was looking back at the titles of the half-baked (or, worse, empty) posts, and saw that they may be a good summary of my thoughts, generally.

I'll bet this was going to be a reflection on getting home. Wish I'd've written it.

two truths and a lie
No idea what this was going to be. The post only says, "Truth:"

napkins and other things I missed
This one was actually pretty good, about things I missed from my apartment in Jordan. I think the problem was that I'd put "napkins" in the title, but hadn't worked it into the post. Instead of changing the title, I called off the whole thing.

I guess I was happy that day.

down time
Well if that isn't a good two-word summary of the last six weeks.

This was going to be my thoughts on last weekend in Tahoe at the OBCL alumni retreat. All you OBCLers out there can just imagine that I was going to say lots of great things about spending time with you.

This was about how I realized that if I never use my camera, I won't have any pictures of things, and that pictures are useful in remembering where I was and whom I was with (inspired by yet another embarrassing incident of me not remembering someone I'd definitely met before).

This was about how having a lot of down time can enhance experiences sort of like fasting enhances flavors and smells. It hurts not to do/eat the things we want to be doing/eating, but it also brings out the beauty of other things in starker relief.

K, maybe now I can finish something . . .

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