Tuesday, December 15, 2009

come again?

This just in from CNN:

Obama: Congress on verge of passing health care reform legislation

Washington (CNN) -- President Obama met Tuesday with Senate Democrats and emerged to say Congress was "on the precipice" of passing a sweeping health care reform bill. ...

Dear Person Who Feeds the President's Teleprompter,

Being "on the precipice" boosts popularity for guys like James Bond and Indiana Jones, but it is generally not a positive thing in real life. If you're trying to make a truthful comment about impending healthcare disaster, I appreciate your courage. If you're trying to make the President sound reasonable, try "threshold" or even "verge," like the intelligent CNN journalist.


Concerned Citizen

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Jonathan said...

Another possibility is that the teleprompter feeder has lingering doubts about the Obama Plan. Who better to use to get his message out than the President?