Monday, May 03, 2010

out of touch

Today I went to get my hair cut, which always seems to be a thought-provoking incident. (Now I am wondering what is not a thought-provoking incident. Hmmmm.)

Anyhow, my hairdresser has a TV, which has so far served as my introduction to such classics as Judge Judy and whatever that show is that has Jeff Foxworthy and fifth graders (which is rigged, I'm sure).

So today the fifth grader show ended and Oprah came on. And I learned at least two interesting things:

(1) Oprah's show is ending this year.
(2) Naomi Campbell is known for throwing (figuratively) temper tantrums and for throwing (literally) objects at people who annoy her during said tantrums.

In the process of learning these two things, I learned two more things:

(1) By not already knowing said things, I demonstrated my extreme out-of-touch-ness, which was at least mildly surprising to the hairdresser, who kept trying to make small talk and meeting with a questioning expression (that is annoying; I feel her pain).
(2) It IS possible to live a rich and happy life and still be completely out of touch with pop culture. At least, I don't feel any richer or happier knowing that Oprah is retiring or that Naomi Campbell pitches fits.

There are, I'm sure, deeper truths under these two things. But I haven't finished thinking about them yet.

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