Monday, March 07, 2011

down, down, down . . .

Writing gets me down.

And I guess it has for a while now.

This morning I finally put 2 and 2 together that Spring of 2009 was an all-out writing extravaganza, with 7 classes at CSUF and a decent amount of blogging.

But then a great mental fog descended, and I’ve written nary a thing since. Even my journal (which was never very loquacious, but it did have at least page-long entries) has dried up to sparse sentences here and there.

I am suffering from cerebral obstruction.

It’s really sad. I need a high-fiber diet for my brain.

Or maybe I lost my writing capacity in Jordan: permanent imaginative sunstroke.

I hope it isn’t permanent.

Whatever it is, I need to fix it soon, because my papers are coming due (one Thursday, one each next Thursday and Friday), and thinking about it only makes me sick.

I used to like to write! What’s wrong?

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