Tuesday, April 19, 2011

infatuation, babies and bathwater

Sometimes I find myself throwing out links to John Piper sermons like people used to throw out rice at weddings [before TV and Ann Landers taught us that rice was making small opportunistic birds swell up and explode and started blowing bubbles instead---obviously at the nefarious insistence of the failing soap and water industries {or I guess maybe it's people who make the little plastic bottles with the blowers attached to the lids}].

So, in my advanced forays into the frequent asking of "why?" (which I'm trying to do a lot lately, particularly about things I do), I'd been contemplating the pros and cons of this practice.

Last week, it led to insightful conversations with my mom and Pastor Eric (whose recent sermon on mediators came timely right in the middle of these wonderings).

And, today, I found it again in this article on "famous" pastors and hero worship:

A Not-Famous Pastor's Take on the Evangelical Hollywood

Good caution. Good thoughts.

(Thanks to Justin Taylor for the link.)

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