Wednesday, May 04, 2011

writing scripts for God

Recently I've been thinking about my tendency to write scripts for God.

I don't think any of my scripts has ever played out.


His stories are always better.

I was reflecting on and giving thanks for this yesterday, when I met up after school with a relatively-new-but-already-becoming-good friend from church. Over salad (hey, we're in the OC after all) we talked about lots of things, including how knowing Christ transforms your perspective and rearranges your priorities. At one point Kipsy shook my I've-known-Jesus-since-before-I-can-remember myopia with, "But Emily! I used to worship a monkey!"

Oh yeah. This transformation stuff is real.

That was what I needed to hear right then. And, as a special blessing on top of all the other things He is working out in both our lives, God brought Kipsy from India (and out of Hinduism) to say it.

I like this story.

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