Wednesday, May 11, 2011

you said it

The problem with having to finish a book called La vida breve* (the short life) is that I keep thinking that I need to read the book, thinking "yes, I agree; life is short---so why am I reading this???" and doing something else.

Two hundred pages to go before tomorrow . . .

* The [very-poorly-translated] Amazon summary says that Brausen's wife was crippled by a complicated surgery. She wasn't. Instead, she appears to have had breast cancer and a mastectomy. This is enough for her husband to decide he's just no longer that into her and start carrying on with the girl next door. I think that now, halfway through the book, he's thinking about killing somebody (not his wife; he's been thinking about killing her for about a hundred pages longer). He's also becoming more and more involved in a story he's writing about an adulterous affair between a woman and the family doctor who helps her and her husband out with their prescription-drug-abuse habit. Oh, and he's mulling whether checking out his wife's younger sister may be a good idea. A real winner. So, yeah.

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