Tuesday, September 26, 2006

beans, eggs and [a] ham

Last night our Faith team ended up back at the Sun Moon bakery in Little Saigon to visit our new friends Phuom and Hai (that's my guess at spelling) and to try boba tea.

We also picked up a moon cake, which we had learnt some about since our last visit.

This particular moon cake is made with sweet yam paste (although last night during initial consumption attempts we were under the mistaken impression -- thanks to previous internet research -- that it was sweet bean paste [as Aaron likes to point out, the internet isn't always reliable]) and salted egg yolk.

(Church folk feel free to ask Nate what he thought of the egg yolk.)

No. 6 woke up this morning and found the strange object on the dining room table.

(about this one she says, "I was being Plastic Man"; not sure where that came from; maybe she knows somehow that moon cake is Plastic Man's kryptonite; she's kinda smart that way)

Coming soon: thoughts on the Bradley Terminal at LAX (for now, though, it might be a good idea to study . . .)


Aaron said...

boba tea = the awesome.

moon cake doesw not look like the awesome.

Kevin & Amy said...

Hi Emily. :) I think I would have the same reaction as No. 6.

David said...

"Who...does numbah 6 work for?"

Daily lame movie reference for today, check! :)

mle said...

It hasn't been eaten yet, if anyone still wants to try some. ;)

Aaron, you'll have to tell us where the good boba is. I don't think we've found it yet.

Anonymous said...

Does this "boba tea" have anything to do with the "bubble tea" abomination (sweetened tea with gelatinous balls mingling at the bottom of the cup, sweet and bouncy and obnoxious like the hyperactive asian teenagers in line behind me...) that I encountered in Vancouver last year?

mle said...

Yep, Dan, that sounds like it. What makes it abominable? Does the inclusion of the gelatinous stuff compromise the integrity of the tea or something? (iow, is this the anguish of a purist, like me and LWW/LOTR?)

And my boba didn't bounce. Should it? Aaron?

Anonymous said...

I've got nothing against people doing whatever they want to do with tea, so long as I don't have to drink...err... chew/drink it. *shudder*

Calamari I can handle, but tapioca in a drink is just crazy.

[Clearly Canadian tried this sort of thing a few years back, and it was gross then, too.
I guess they were just in the wrong market.]