Tuesday, October 24, 2006

early warning system

This is a just-short-of six-month warning for a holiday coming up in April, World Book and Copyright Day.

It's a UNESCO-instituted global holiday inspired by the Catalunyan holiday,
El Dia de la Rosa y el Libro, celebrated on St. George's Day, April 23.

I know my readership well enough to know that even the mere mention of UNESCO is probably eliciting some snickers or groans or other disapprobrious sounds.


I think it's a nice holiday anyway. And don't anybody feel inhibited from exchanging any roses or books solely on UNESCO's account.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nifty holiday. I wouldn't mind the UNESCO involvement so much if it weren't for their overt inclusion of copyright in the celebration. Copyright has nothing to do with giving books away, unless the majority of those books are fresh off a press; if that's the expectation, then UNESCO has turned something wonderful into a scheme for improve profit margins in the publishing industry (which, I have no doubt, is behind the whole thing. Especially Scholastic. Remember, Scholastic is the antichrist's agent in the publishing world.)
I'll celebrate the original holiday, thanks.