Tuesday, October 24, 2006

getting there

No. 3 and I left for school late this morning (coldish mornings when blankets are actually useful are awfully damaging to my get-up-early resolve).

As we made our sojourn to GWC in the record time of 4 minutes (all without, I think, violating any traffic laws), No. 3 was giving a brief discourse on the bothersomeness of having to spend time "getting there." (Thankfully for me, my passenger was NOT No. 2, who would likely have been saying, "Next time try showering more than five minutes before we're supposed to leave!")

Anyhow, so we were talking about how much time would be saved by just being able to instantly be wherever you needed to be, without spending time on travel. But we came to the conclusion that getting there is a significant part of life and that something would be lost if the need for getting there were eliminated.

We're not sure exactly why.

But it made me think about how the idea of pilgrimage, or sojourn -- all those kinds of words -- has always appealed to me. And also how this pilgrimage of life is an incredible grace from God because of the opportunities that we have to make decisions about where and with whom to spend our eternity.

He didn't have to give us this time at all. It is kind of funny that He does, too, since He already has the ending all worked out.

My other thought today was on the gift of music, which can be really nice to take along on a pilgrimage. But then He planned that, too.

Your statutes have been my song in the house of my pilgrimage!


Anonymous said...

What's a house of pilgrimage?
Is that the place you go for a while and come back from, refreshed and with a renewed sense of purpose? Like Church?
Is a trail ride like a pilgrimage? I used to like singing on horseback.

mle said...

I think it's wherever you live temporarily before you get to the place you'll end up permanently. But now I'll have to get out my Zodhiates and look it up...