Tuesday, October 17, 2006

pre-pre-marital counseling

No. 6 just appeared in my doorway and said, "I'm not sure who you're going to marry."

She went on to say that, in spite of this one small uncertainty, she is planning to buy herself ("Well, not by myself, because my mother has to drive me.") a "wedding dress" so that she can be a flower girl and dance with our debonair young cousins, Noah and Jared.

She saw a dance floor for the first time at the wedding we went to last weekend, and she's smitten.

"At your wedding," she says, "there will be a wood floor."

I'm not sure how to break it to her about our being Southern Baptists and all. But I guess I've got time.

Here's her face when I reminded her that getting married means moving away:

No doubt she'll be even sadder when she learns about the dance floor . . .


Anonymous said...

Do Baptists tell that joke that all my reformed friends tell about what their parents used to say? You know, the whole "Rock music leads to dancing, and dancing..." argument?

I took dance lessons so I could waltz at a friend's wedding, and all they played was disco, "the chicken dance," and country songs. What a ripoff.

Nikki said...

cute...and yes...that is sad about the "no dance floor"...I might have to break that rule at my wedding (if and when I do get married)...so maybe Natalie can come to my wedding with the wooden dance floor...=)

Zoogirl said...

My parents used to (kinda in a joking way) answer almost any would you like question with, "Might as well, can't Dance."
Q: Would you like fries with that?
A: Might as well can't dance?

At least it adds a little goofy humor to the lives of us danceless Southern Baptists.

My mom used to say dancing leads to...
But she also had a valid point when she said "Dancing at schools when you are younger does not make sence. I don't want you going because the only place to go dancing when you are older is where alcohol is." This made sence to me, probobly because it is totally true.

Hey tell No. 6 that the bible says it is okay to dance before the lord and dancing with a group of girls for that purpose avoids the "it leads to" issue. you can have a wooden floor in your bridal dressing area and she can dance around, but not with the guys!

Anonymous said...

"Dance and be glad," that's what I say. Why be sad?