Monday, November 27, 2006

family programming

Our [arguably peculiar] family is always on the lookout for new forms of entertainment.

Thanks to Nate's recommendation, we have a new family favorite.

See for yourself.

And the entire program is here.

Last night the two middle girls and I laughed so hard at this -- about half because it was funny and half venting pent-up laughter from the years of recitals we've sat through straight-faced.


Ally P. said...

Hi Emily,

That clip is both hysterical and somewhat terrifying. He looks like he was botoxed, there is so little expression, or should I say normal expression, on his face. Verrrrrry strange. I have to show Elliot when he gets home so that we too can reminisce about our own childhood musical recitals. Thanks for posting that. Ally

mle said...

Ally! You're right about the strangeness. The hazard of the clip (which we're only now discovering fully) is having "That's Amore" stuck in your head. :) If only I could figure out a way to turn this into extra credit for Italian class...