Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm happy to report that I'm now MCLE* compliant until Feb. 1, 2012.

I report that condition here, as opposed to in my State Bar compliance declaration, because, although the Bar seems to care that I report compliance, they certainly don't care that I'm happy about it.

As for the hours in mandatory subjects, I have the following to report:

1 hour Eliminating Bias and Maintaining Diversity in the Legal Profession: I don't intend to abandon any currently-held biases, and aside from being a young Christian woman lawyer who tends to forget she's a lawyer, I don't have any plans to help diversity out. But I did get to spend an hour thinking about diversity with a really spacey lady with a surprisingly small vocabulary considering her [very very] extensive credentials, so thanks.

1 hour Substance Abuse: Didn't plan to, don't plan to. But if I ever do, I will know that I need to get in touch with AA and with some guy named Ted (the presenters on this CD -- one attorney, one MD, both alcoholics -- kept praising Ted for helping them to the AA; kudos to Ted, wherever you are).

7 hours Legal Ethics: This was the best ever. That guy on the "Estate Planning Malpractice and Legal Ethics" tape was the first person I've come across who seems more paranoid than I am about the liabilities of practicing law. I loved it. Malpractice Man was my favorite part of this whole MCLE thing. Thank you, Malpractice Man. May your days be litigation-free (except for the kind you get paid for, after you have paid up your malpractice insurance, re-read the Code of Professional Responsibility, and signed a foolproof fee agreement with your client).

*Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

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