Saturday, February 02, 2008

No. 4 and I are wondering . . .

who names paint colors?

She went to get some paint samples today and came back with names like

Pencil Eraser (accurate, but ?)
Short and Sweet (also pink; who'd've known?)
Money (LOL; I wonder if you paint your law office with this if your business will improve)
Crocodile Smile (a green a few shades away from Money; clients beware)
Praying Mantis (a green in the same family as Money and Crocodile Smile [leaving us with less doubt about why the crocodile is smiling {but aren't a crocodile's teeth white, anyway?}])
Billowing Clouds (light gray-purple; I think I've seen factory stacks off I-5 emitting billowing clouds this color)
Crystal Clear (one shade lighter than the clouds, supra; it's a lie, people!)
Even Growth (sagey green; I have no idea what that means)
Ecological (dark dull gray; reminds me of government office buildings and cheap paper towels in public restrooms; maybe painting one wall with this will offset the emissions from the billowing clouds)

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