Tuesday, July 22, 2008

qahwa amreekeea

Three things:

1. Inter-personal, -religious, -regional, -political conflicts seem to have taken a temporary backseat this week to (a) exhaustion (b) today's big grammar "midterm" and (c) the stomach flu. I'm not sure whether I'm happy about this or not (feel free to stop for a minute and reflect on the type of conflicts that may make the stomach flu seem like a good thing).
2. I love my church.
3. Turkish coffee is great, but American coffee is . . . homier. I love American coffee. I also love cheeseburgers, bacon, and ice cream. Er . . . thank you.


Daniel Jackson said...

Mmmm... Bacon...
An anecdote: My brother (upon returning from Turkey) made me aware of the biggest advantage of Turkish coffee: It's much easier to make when camping.
I tried it once, and found that while it was indeed easier to make, it was also remarkably unlike camp coffee. Nothing to leave on the fire for too long, a corresponding lack of burnt taste, no years-old buildup inside the perc for "seasoning." It's just not the same.
Which brings us back to bacon. Mmmm... bacon.

danay said...

Thai wants to barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs on Sunday, but we'll make a point to have bacon ready as a potential burger topping, along with cheese. We can also put bacon in potato salad... the possibilities are endless!

No. 3 said...

No. 4 made absolutely awesome pizza last night, and while I was eating, wondering how pizza could be so good, I looked down to see . . . a bacon bit staring me in the face!! THAT'S HOW! (although the ranch dressing and cream cheese didn't hurt). Yay for pig!