Thursday, September 04, 2008

taking on global warming

Today in my MLNG 301 class (which is English 100 reincarnated with "intercultural" readings for language majors) we were required to write a cause and effect essay about global warming. There were two choices. Either write about the causes of global warming or write about the effects.

This made me a little mad.

(The other thing that made me a little mad is that the professor did some damage control for the confusion between "effect" and "affect" by instructing us to only use "effect" as a noun and only use "affect" as a verb. He did mention that "effect" could also be a verb, but basically said that it was over our heads and we'd never need to use it. This is a 300-level university class, people. Even my highschoolers at HOPE caught on to the difference when it was explained to them.)

But I made up for it by using the phrase "flatulent livestock" in one of my points.

How often do you get to say that in a college essay?


danay said...

I wonder what effect the use of the phrase "flatulent livestock" will have on your readers. I hope it affects your grade positively.

mle said...

Yeah, I have wondered that all weekend. I even had a dream (nightmare?) about that class. Maybe I should've kept my second point to myself.