Friday, October 03, 2008


Some may question my judgment on this, but I am listening to Mark Driscoll in the company of No. 5, while I do data entry and she does homework.

Just a minute ago he was talking about sluggards and said "You 20-year-old bloggers out there who still live with your mommies and sleep with Star Wars sheets and wear jammies with footies . . ."

I looked at No. 5 to get her reaction (something I've been doing habitually for the last 10 minutes of Driscoll and rebukes from the prophets).

She just looked at me reassuringly and said, "It's not you."

Thanks, No. 5.

I'm not sure I was worried about it before. But I kind of am now.


Daniel Jackson said...

Worried because you now fear sluggardliness, or worried because you've started taking Mark Driscoll seriously?

mle said...

No, I've always taken Mark Driscoll seriously.

Worried because she thought it was close enough to being pertinent that I was looking at her for affirmation.