Friday, November 07, 2008

best intentions

Today is my grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary.

If your parents or grandparents had a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration that was picture-perfect and poignantly memorable and planned out months in advance . . . er, great. Please don't ever ever tell me about it.

My grandma, whose dream would probably be a magnificently elegant fancy five-course dinner, made only one request: she asked for a carrot cake covered in fondant.

If you have given me advice over the past several weeks of gleaning for fondant tips and tricks, thank you. If you were one of the wise who said "don't do it!", now I know why.

With a little help from YouTube, last night we assembled what seemed like the ablest amateur cake-decorating squad ever, featuring a physical chemist and a tile contractor with almost 30 years of experience. A lawyer who tried to help was rapidly delegated to dishwashing.

A series of small disasters ensued.

It was kind of like the cake-making scene in Sleeping Beauty, but without magic to save the day.

We laughed SO HARD.

In the end, I hope it's worth it.

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