Saturday, November 08, 2008

Generation Purple

Here are some thoughts after a big week (historically speaking, probably the biggest week in my lifetime since 9/11).
  • The conservative talk radio guys were disappointing this week. Be honest, guys. You can put lipstick on a pig . . .
  • Mine is not a generation that will tow the party line. Those days are over. This is a generation that can't commit to an entire 12-track album; whyever would it commit to a political platform?
  • Towing the party line is out, brand recognition is in. Sell Apple, Coach, Puma, Obama. Sell hip, chic. Sell hope, change. Sell it in pick-your-own color and be careful of the typeface on the label.
  • Conscience is out of style. Show me the science or what's in it for me. Patriotism, love, and courage are only cultural constructs.
  • No matter what they say, hate is hip, as long as you hate the right people. Hate a carnivore, a Mormon, George W., or someone with a pro-life bumper sticker. Terrorists and gays are born that way, you good-for-nothing intolerant loser.

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danay said...

Francis Schaeffer thoughts are coming to mind. Is this lack of commitment and desire for the hip and chic a desperate attempt to avoid thinking about issues for long enough to follow them to their logical conclusion and find that there's no there there? If it is Schaeffer would encourage us to do the loving thing and confront people with their presuppositions to help them see that their worldview leads to meaninglessness... and that the only worldview with meaning and reason is the Biblical one. Easy to write, harder to do. We'll either be seen by our fellow human beings as bigots or deliverers (small d!)... but probably the former. But maybe Jesus will call us "good and faithful servants."