Monday, January 05, 2009

oh. wow.

So I thought an intersession class would be a great idea because maybe (just maybe!) but this means I could please the mysterious seemingly-insatiable bureaucratic forces behind that all-important rite of passage known at my home institution as "grad check" and actually end my college career in May (well, August if you count SLI).

In the end, this probably is a great idea. But, since it means that I am spending the first Monday of the year with Freud for today's midterm in Anth 305 - Anthropology of Religion, I did have to wonder.

While I was wondering I read this:
Probably no one needs to be told that infantile sexuality -- and its links to religion -- is on clearest display in what Freud calls the Oedipus complex.
I sincerely hope that there is somebody, somewhere, who doesn't know this already.

On the other hand, in that case, I'd agree with the author that this person probably doesn't need to be told.

Good call, author guy.

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