Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sonnet to a Package Deal

Today I went to buy my cap and gown
And sash and tassle at the Titan Shops.
The pricing sheet I noted with a frown --
A lot to pay for academic props.

But then I realized (thinking I was smart)
That we have mortarboards enough to spare,
And I could save at least a little part
By clothing my head home instead of there.

The clerk walked by. I asked him if he knew
If it was cheaper leaving out the hat.
He said of course, they'll take it from what's due
And you will save six bucks by leaving that.

The only part he missed (and this was mean)
Is that their package deal would save fifteen.
(In the end I saved $9 and bought yet another mortarboard for the hope chest . . .)

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